"Although aware of Reiki, I had never understood what benefits could be gained. It was not until receiving treatments with Claire that I can now understand.

The Reiki experience was very relaxing. It wasn’t until days afterwards that I noticed that a twinge I kept getting in my knee, which I’d been suffering with for a couple of years prior, was no longer a problem. I also suffered with a tight sensation at the top of my chest and noticed that this had also gone. Claire had told me that my throat chakra needed attention and I can only assume that this was the reason for those tight feelings in the chest area.

To this day I have not had any knee pain or tight sensations and would have no hesitation in consulting with Claire should the symptoms return. Claire is a credit to the profession and shown me that Reiki is a real force to be reckoned with."

Mrs Steele

Reiki testimonial

"I had heard the term reiki before but know almost nothing about it and my curious nature means that I like to give everything a go at least once. At my first session with Claire, she took the time and care to explain the history and practices of reiki to me and to let me know exactly what to expect from my first session.

During the session Claire was very calm and relaxed making sure that I was comfortable throughout. I found the session very peaceful and relaxing - just what I needed to escape the daily stresses of work and life and I very much look forward to more sessions with Claire in the future."

L. Green

Reiki testimonial

"My daughter suggested I see Claire having had knee problems for sometime.
She was very professional and put me at ease. She explained what she would be doing and made me feel very comfortable.
I booked 3 sessions which were very relaxing and to my surprise within 12 hours my knee pain was greatly improved to the extent I no longer awoke when I rolled over in bed! My knee has remained much improved and allows me to walk without pain.
I plan to see Claire again in 6 weeks for a review.
I would highly recommend Claire, I don’t know how it works but Reiki definitely does!"

Lin G.

Reiki testimonial

"I had heard how good meditation is for you, but being unsure how to meditate, I had never tried it.

Kev, who has studied this and practised it himself for years, agreed to take me in hand and I am now able to practice it myself. From a beginner’s point of view, I struggled with some of the sessions, but with Kev’s patience and perseverance I’ve gained a better understanding.

I feel a more balanced person because of meditation and look forward to the continued development and to where it will lead."


Meditation testimonial