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Through finding, exercising, and directing the mind

What is meditation and how is it beneficial?

The practice of meditation - an awareness of our actions, feelings, and thoughts - can produce great benefit. This involves working with the body and mind. This is not a case of limiting ourselves but a practice of working to develop our innate positive qualities, allowing more freedom in our lives.

Ever since we are born, difficulties and problems are part of life; these can be reduced by looking at our actions. By carefully looking and thinking, it is possible to see the causes of bad habits and how to change them, develop more understanding and increase the meaningfulness of our lives. Modern life tends to reduce the time available to contemplate things, to see things clearly. Issues can be stored up instead of facing them. Balance can be lost. The mind needs training, and meditation can help us to find balance and stability whatever the situation.

What sort of meditation is involved?

These are practical courses, a series of meditations to help bring the mind to an increased state of compassion and wise maturity. Some of the meditations deal with suffering, negative emotions, and enemies; things we would normally avoid. If we learn to face such situations, then gradually what is painful can be confronted and even used as a positive force. Many of the practices use simple visualisations. These meditations are not for the development of something extraordinary but simply to help people face a variety of situations which arise in their lives.

The aim is to use the kind of understanding we develop through the meditations, for the benefit of ourselves and others.


What do the courses entail?

The courses have been designed to give you the knowledge and ability to undertake meditation practice with confidence, and thus embed this into your daily life as easily as possible.

The courses have been designed for all levels of experience, whether you are a complete beginner or more experienced and looking to reignite your practice.

Kevin offers three courses. The courses are intended to be taken one after the other, should you wish to progress your meditation practice after Course 1.

Each course consists of between five to seven 55-minute classes, which are held weekly. Courses are available both virtually, as well as in person in our Bright Heart meditation space.

During each class there will be an introduction to the week’s topic, practical application of the meditation, and time at the end to reflect and discuss any observations. Most of the session will be practice. In between classes students are encouraged to practice at home to achieve the greatest benefit.

Kevin's classes are available as either 1-2-1 or as part of a small group of up to 3 people. Should you wish to join a group, your name will be added to a waiting list to be included in the next available course. Should you prefer to sign up for a group class along with select friends or a partner, Kevin is happy to accommodate.

Upcoming free taster classes:

Tuesday 19th March (Online) - 18:00-19:00

Tuesday 19th March (In Person) - 19:00-20:00

Friday 12th April (In Person) - 11:00-12:00

Friday 12th April (Online) - 13:00-14:00

To sign up, please Contact Us

How much does the course cost?

We want meditation to be as accessible as possible which is why our classes are donation-based. This means that we allow our students to determine what they would like to contribute towards each class.

Whilst we accept donations on a per class (weekly) basis, we recommend you consider paying for the full course in advance - this will help to you to get the most out of it by encouraging you to commit to all sessions within a course.

Course 1: Finding the Mind
Donation based

(5-week course)

In the first course you will focus on the foundations of meditation which are very important to get right before proceeding. You will practice posture, breathing exercises and observing bodily feelings to develop a good base. Then you will practice meditating using the powerful transformative tools of compassion and looking at the way things exist, using visualisations. This first introductory course will help you to begin to ‘find' your mind and see how it is connected to your body and the world around you, offering a glimpse of the power of meditation.
Donation based
Course 2: Exercising the Mind

(6-week course)

Following on from Course 1, you now begin to flex your meditation muscles - developing your practice further and learning new meditations. 

Course 3: Directing the Mind

(7-week course)

Following on from Courses 1 & 2, we now look at how to use your meditation to further benefit yourself and others.


How do I sign up?

If you would like to find out more, or if you are interested in signing up to a course, just get in touch.


What should I bring with me?

We provide an upright chair for meditation, as well as meditation cushions, should you prefer. If you have the need for other seating please let us know in advance.

You are welcome to bring your own seating if you wish.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Please contact us for further information