Meet Claire

Claire is passionate about supporting others.  Claire has always been captivated by people and, for 10 years through a career in business, she has supported people through organisational change and life events.  Claire sees that all individuals are unique, yet we all share similar experiences and challenges.  Driven partly by personal experiences, Claire grew interested in Reiki Therapy after many years of learning about the power of the mind, intention and energy transference.  Claire has an innate intuition when it comes to Reiki healing, borne from her empathic nature and attentiveness to the person she is treating.


Meet Kevin

Kevin's background is in Tibetan Buddhist meditation, having spent 12 months as a Buddhist Monk on Holy Isle (off the East Coast of Isle of Arran) in 1993. Kevin has continued to study and practice meditation since then, giving him a wealth of experience to offer. Kevin is very patient, with an ethos that everyone can successfully learn to medidate given the right direction and support, along with a dollop of dedication to practice.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available to purchase. Vouchers can be collected for free at any time, or we are able to send via post for a small charge. Please email us to place an order.

Unique Gifts

We also have a selection of uniquely chosen gifts and greetings cards available for purchase, which you can browse at the Bright Heart Holistics treatment space. You are welcome to browse our lovely little collection at any time.

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